Device take home policy

Flint Community Schools                                 

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The focus of the technology device checkout program at Flint Community %ools is to provide tools and resources to tae 21st Century scholar. Excellence in educaäon requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the educational program. The individual use of technology empowers teachers to help students maximize their full potenHal and to prepare ffem for college and the wortplace.

All students in grades Kindergarten through grade 12 will be assigned a take-home technology device from their FCS school building. Technology devices can include laptops, chromebooks, iPads and/or tablets. Use of the take-home device shall be in support of education, research, and the educational standards of the District.

tn alignment with the goats of the FC Balanced Calendar, scholars may devices over intersessions, holidays, and during summer break. Take home devices must be returned to the school upon request or prior to a student's last day of enrollment at that school building. Schools may occasionally request that devices be retumed at other times for updaöng and/or exchange.

In order to beter serve our community and provide equitable access, any FCS family can request a mobile hotspot by contacüng their school building office.

Student Responsibility

Like textbooks, team uniforms, and other school property issued to your child, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of these valuable resources. Technology devices are no different. We know loss, theft, accidents and occasional poor choices may also happen. In these instances, students may lose their üke home technology privileges, depending on the circumstances.

Tips for Responsible Technology Use and Care:

  • Be cautious about what is placed on the screen to avoid pressure, water, or heat damage.
  • No food or drink is allowed near your device.

 Do not place the device between large books or in binders in a backpack.

  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use Windex or harsh chemicals.

 Do not leave a device in an environment with exÜeme hot or cold temperatures.

  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid. This can damage the screen.
  • Do not leave your device unsupervised at any time or anywhere.
  • It is important to keep your passwords psivate and not to share with others.

Click here to read FCS BoardPoticy 4515: Acceptable use and Internet Safety