Employee Appreciation Day: FCS Celebrates Dedicated Team


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March 3, 2023

Dear Flint Families,
Each and every day, our school community celebrates its dedicated team of educators, support staff and instructional leaders, and today is extra special. Every March, we recognize the first Friday of the month as Employee Appreciation Day, celebrating the importance of employees across the district. 
Every member of our Flint Community Schools team is making an impact on the lives of our scholars. All of these moments contribute to our scholars’ academic, social and emotional journeys. Our team plays an essential role in our community’s success, and I want to recognize their ongoing dedication to our scholars. 
Together, we have faced countless hurdles, but our teachers and staff have demonstrated their ability to stay Flint-Focused. For that, I am grateful, and I know that this tenacity and determination has uplifted our community. Our dedicated team will continue to maintain focus on what matters most: the safety and education of those we are privileged to serve. 
Please feel encouraged to reach out to your scholar’s favorite teacher or staff member to share your family’s appreciation. We will continue to celebrate our teachers and staff year-round, and we hope that you do the same. Today and every day, let us continue to champion and celebrate our devoted educators, staff and leaders as they help create a safe space for scholars to learn, grow and play.  
Thank you, Flint Community Schools staff! 
Educationally Yours,
Kevelin Jones
Flint Community Schools